WORKSHOPS - LONDON, 5 - 6 March 2017

fashion photography course (studio) focusing on shooting with 35mm analogue camera, film development and introduction to darkroom



LEVEL - beginners to intermediate



Course focusing on studio fashion portrait photography using 35 mm analogue camera and BW film. The worskshop will be held in a heated and fully equipped high end studio in London and later in the darkroom (locationsTBC) with grooming team, professional models and stylist on site.






WORKSHOP - LONDON, 15th January 2017

hand colouring BW photographs



LEVEL - intermediate to advanced



Course focusing on Victorian technique of hand retouching and colouring black-and-white photographs.The worskshop will be held in a heated and fully equipped studio

in London (locationTBC).

WORKSHOP - LONDON, 25 -26 February 2017

portrait photography - natural light and intro to 35mm analogue camera, intro to developing BW film



LEVEL - beginners


Over duration of this course you will learn how to use 35mm analogue

camera as well as take great portraits using very little equipment and getting the most

of natural light, reflector and tripod.



One to one tutorial/private workshops available


portrait photography, fashion photography - natural light/studio light/mixed

intro to 35mm/medium format/large format analogue camera + light meter

intro: BW film/colour film/instant film

intro : BW darkroom

hand colouring photographs/bleaching/toning

visual research, creative direction, working with model




LEVEL - beginner to intermediate - please email: