portrait photography -natural light and intro to 35mm analogue camera

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Day 1. 25.02.2017, 9am-6pm


Meetingon the location in the morning, where we will start with a mood board and later cover essential aspects of working with analogue 35mm camera as well as basics of natural lighting, working with a model and creative direction. There will be 30-45 mins lunch break after which everyone will have the opportunity to shoot with our professional models. You will be encouraged to shoot both on digital and analogue equipment to fully understand the light techniques which I will be sharing with you, making sure you comprehend them well and are able to employ them in your work. You will complete that day with not only newly acquired skills and techniques, but also additional creative shots for your portfolio.

Light and its behaviour (direction, intensity and quality), Composition, Backgrounds, Unusual ways of seeing, exploring your subject, Managing Naturl Light,On-camera Flash and Speedlights, Reflector, Moodboards, Working with a Model, Creative Direction, introduction to 35mm analogue camera and light meter, exposure times and apertures, “The Triangle of Exposure“, Camera Resolution (Megapixels) and Print Size, File Formats (Tiff, Jpg, Raw), Lenses (Focal Lengths, Macro, Prime & Zoom Lenses), Manual and Autofocus (Focusing Points, Autofocus Lock, Single or Continuous Focus), Manual Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speeds, F/Stops and The Light Meter), Metering Modes (Evaluative, Matrix, Spot Metering), Depth of Field (Shallow, Deep, Hyper Focal Distance), Motion (Freezing, Blurring & Panning), Picture Control, grey scale, Composition,Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority



Day 2. 26.02.2017, 9am-6pm


We will start Sunday morning again on the location and later after 45 mins lunch we will move into the studio where I will teach you basics of developing a BW film negatives and we will tackle basic of film scanning (flat bed). Safe ILFORD chemicals will be supplied.

We will finish the day with an overview of the day, followed by a technical group portfolio review.

Intro to: Film Developing, Chemicals, Greyscale, Contrast, Composition


At the end of the second day you will also have the option of attending a dinner with myself and a few members of my team to extend the conversation of the workshop and get to know each other over dinner and drinks



Availability: There will be a limit of 12 students for this event.


Available equipment: developing tanks, chemicals, reflectors


Please bring your cameras and tripods,analogue and digital 35mm cameras, lenses (50mm prime/24-70mm recommended), light meter, memory cards, camera charger, laptop, portfolio (whether printed, presented on an iPad or laptop).


Investment: £399GBP (please pay deposit of 199GBP or in full by using the Paypal button, below).

Includes a light lunch and refreshments, covers costs of chemicals and film, studio and darkroom rental costs, fee for the grooming team and models.

Does not include costs of flight, accommodation or transportation.


image©Paulina Otylie Surys/OTLYLIE

London 25 - 26.02.2017




intro to portrait photography using 35mm analogue camera, intro to BW film development


This workshop is designed for budding photographers showing them first steps It is focusing on portrait photography using 35 mm digital camera, analogue camera and black-and-white film. Natural light, camera and its functions and directing model will be our main focus of this course.

The worskshop will be held on location in London and later in the studio where we will develop our film (locations TBC). The shoot on location will include grooming team and professional models on site.

This intimate gathering of creatives is not only an excellent opportunity to learn and build your portfolio but also a great way to meet other like-minded individuals. Myself and my team will be on set to introduce you to portrait photography and take these important first steps together with you.

-You will learn all its most important functions of the camera and how to use it (F/Stops, Shutter/Speeds, ISO).

-Hands-on experience (70% practice/30% theory) and projects throughout the 2 days you will feel in control of your camera and gain a thorough understanding of “The Triangle of Exposure“.

-Getting to know your Camera (How light is captured & transformed into images)

-Camera Resolution (Megapixels) and Print Size

-File Formats (Tiff, Jpg, Raw)

-Lenses (Focal Lengths, Macro, Prime & Zoom Lenses)

-Manual and Autofocus (Focusing Points, Autofocus Lock, Single or Continuous Focus)

-Manual Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speeds, F/Stops and The Light Meter)

-Metering Modes (Evaluative, Matrix, Spot Metering)

-Depth of Field (Shallow, Deep, Hyper Focal Distance)

-Motion (Freezing, Blurring & Panning)

-Picture Control, grey scale


-Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority







-by paying the deposit, participant agrees to the terms and conditions* -by paying the deposit, participant agrees to the terms and conditions*

Deposit - Portrait Workshop - Natural Light, London
Portrait Workshops - Natural Light, London